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moms_recipes's Journal

Recipes For Moms
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Recipes For Moms
And for anyone that loves to cook

This community is for moms, their children, and anyone else that just loves to cook.
Feel free to share all the recipes, quick tips, and ideas, that you wish.
As any other community needs rules, this one does as well...
♥ You must be a member to see the recipes, tips and ideas.
♥ Be creative in your ideas.
♥ Do not bash anyone for their food preferences. (I.e Vegans or not)
♥ Feel free to post kid friendly recipes as we all know that our kids love to get creative as well.
♥ Feel free to post recipes, tips and ideas from other places (I.e magazines you may have read) as well, just make sure you tell us where you got them from.
♥ When submitting, please put the subject up (I.e appetizer, snack, soup, dessert, etc.)
♥ Please make sure that you add if your recipe is for high altitude. That way we all know. :)
♥ Please make sure that you put approximately how long this will take to prepare.
♥ Please make sure that you put if it is kid friendly or not (If the kids can help or if they should pass on this one.)
♥ Other than that, have fun and enjoy.

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